Customized solutions to meet your individual needs

Companies face multiple challenges in today’s world. Political crises and trade wars play havoc with, for instance, the prices of raw materials and exchange rates. Overall the markets are ever more volatile. At the same time, in many branches the product and innovation cycles are becoming significantly shorter – the car industry and entertainment electronics spring to mind. Increased competition and cost pressurecombine with increasingly scarce resources, forcing companies to adapt and find new solutions.

Achieving success in such a volatile market involves rethinking business models and processes and improving efficiency and effectiveness.

In concrete terms, action is required to:

  1. Improve process quality
  2. Reduce process costs
  3. Increase customer satisfaction
  4. Minimise the error rate
  5. Cut lead times
  6. Increase flexibility (agile approaches)

Digital transformation is the key solution here. In this context digital transformation refers to the harmonised and system-based automation of business processes along the value chain (including suppliers and customers) and new technologies.

This leads to further challenges. Most business processes are supported by digital products and services which therefore have to be developed and brought to market more quickly than ever before.

Modern and mobile applications make great demands on IT infrastructure, not only in terms of adaptability and scalability but also with regards to the relevant costs, investments and complexities.

ADVASO GmbH enables you to master the challenges of advancing digitalisation and the digital transformation. We help you progress along this path in small, easily manageable steps.

What exactly does ADVASO GmbH offer?

  1. In cooperation with you, we assess the digitalisation status of your company.
  2. Through the analysis of one or more of your business processes we create a basis for planning the necessary next steps.
  3. Together we define the so-called ‘programme’ and the necessary ‘projects’ for implementation of the strategic decisions.
  4. ADVASO offers you programme and project management in the form of a ‘managed service’ which you can integrate into your own processes or which we can set up for you.
  5. … or we integrate our services in the existing ‘customer structures’ and offer the necessary resources for implementation in your programmes and projects.
  6. Our digital project- and project-support-office helps you in both classical and agile projects. The ADVASO project-support-office either adopts the so-called overhead of the project or develops the guidelines, methods and standards for customers to create their own project organisation.
  7. We give you absolute cost transparency and the possibility of agilely adjusting resources as required.

In the field of product development we focus with our clients on:

  • Reducing go-to-market times
  • Focusing on innovation
  • Sales consultancy for the development of new sales structures or addressing new markets
  • Technical support for establishing the right Cloud solutions, both for your infrastructure and for your Cloud-based applications (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS)
  • Digital state-of-the-art solutions
  • Selecting competent partners to implement the necessary solutions

In the field of planning and implementing projects ADVASO provides:

  • Business consultants
  • Certified programme and project managers
  • Certified agile experts (SCRUM Master, SCRUM Trainer, Moderators)
  • Secure ‘data harbours’ in Switzerland (e.g. Swisscom)
  • Change management